ZOEVA Graphic Eyes+ Waterproof Eyeliner

ZOEVA Graphic Eyes+ Waterproof Eyeliner Swatches & Review

ZOEVA Graphic Eyes+ Waterproof Eyeliner
ZOEVA Graphic Eyes+ Waterproof Eyeliner (Open View)

If we take a minute to reflect back on the latest trends in beauty, it is obvious that we have been constantly promoting easier application methods and creamier formulas with extended lasting power. These trends are so successful because it becomes so easy to incorporate them into our busy lifestyles (ie. cushion foundations, eyeliner pencils, eyeshadow sticks, stick foundations … and the list goes on).

As a beauty enthusiast and healthcare professional myself, I can appreciate the need for easy and quick makeup application and cosmetics that will last throughout a tiring and fulfilling work day without a need for constant touch-ups. My daily needs are summed up as: a base to cover my hyper-pigmentation and scarring, a concealer to brighten up those tired eyes, an eyeliner or eyeshadow to define the eyes and something hydrating on the lips to battle dry hospital air.

With that, I am proud to review 6 new ZOEVA Cosmetics waterproof eyeliner shades from their Graphic Eyes+ collection.

ZOEVA Graphic Eyes+ Waterproof Eyeliner (1.2g / 0.04oz each)

Release Date: ~March 21st, 2016

Collection: Part of the existing 11 shades of Graphic Eyes+ available on www.zoeva-shop.de

Price: 6.20 EUR / 7.50 USD each

There are currently 11 shades released:

  • Black to Earth (rich matte black)
  • Cool Factor (navy shimmer with turquoise sparkle)
  • Female Attraction (matte dark teal)
  • Glance (metallic bronze with coppery shimmer)
  • Good Karma (mermaid teal-green with gold colored fine glitter)
  • Mr. Marvelous (black base with purple fine glitter)
  • New Jewels (plummy purple with violet sparkle)
  • Nude Reflection (champagne beige with crystal shimmer)
  • Opulence (pearly cranberry red)
  • Regency (pearly purple)
  • Rock ’n’ Roll Bride (dark brown infused with pink and red glitter)

6 new shades:

  • After the Disco (treasure chest gold with pearl sparkle)
  • The Truth (pearl white)
  • It’s Never Over (matte vampire blood red)
  • Myth (pink champagne with a pearl iridescent finish)
  • Taupe (plum purple with a pearlized finish)
  • Mute (dark grey with a splash of lavender)
ZOEVA Graphic Eyes+ Waterproof Eyeliner Swatches
ZOEVA Graphic Eyes+ Waterproof Eyeliner Swatches (under artificial indoor lighting)


ZOEVA Graphic Eyes+ Waterproof Eyeliner
ZOEVA Graphic Eyes+ Waterproof Eyeliner (After the Disco, The Truth, It’s Never over, Myth, Taupe, Mute)


These are extremely pigmented and oh so creamy upon first application. The swatches above were done with just one light handed swipe (except The Truth where it was too soft and the stick itself was very malleable that the tip broke off unfortunately). These are extremely smooth on the skin and there is no pull or tugging of the skin – they glide like butter on toast.

With initial application, there is a small timeframe where you can smudge them out for a smoky effect or blend with another shade. After it sets (2 minutes or so) there is no budging at all. They are all scent free and do not irritate my dry and sensitive eyes.


I have not tested all the shades for longevity, but the ones I have tested (After the Disco/Myth for the inner corners and Taupe/Mute as an outline) lasted through a 8 hour work day with minimal and practically unnoticeable fading of Mute. I noticed, however, that After the Disco and The Truth which have small shimmer particles do have initial fallout once the formula dries and you rub overtop.


These remove cleanly with a waterproof makeup remover or makeup oil. If you are using the shades with larger shimmer particles, do beware that the shimmer tends to remove separately from the cream itself so if you have very sensitive eyes, I would recommend cleanly removing your eye makeup with a separate cotton pad before washing your face with an all-in-one cleanser (if that is your method of makeup removal).

More photos for your viewing pleasure…

ZOEVA has once again impressed me with their impeccable formula and sleek design. If I had to say one drawback in the pencil development…. it would be the lack of a twist-up mechanism. This means after a while I will need a pencil sharpener and when sharpening these pencils, some product waste will be unavoidable.

As ZOEVA would put it, dare to risk color. Never be afraid to present your boldest and truest self – be YOU!

Have you tried these eyeliners?

Kelly (takaraboxx)


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