memebox PonyEffect Pony Shine Easy Glam

memebox PONY Shine Easy Glam Review & Swatches

memebox Pony Effect Pony Shine Easy Glam Review

I first came across PONY Makeup when I watched “Pony’s Makeup Diary”, a special beauty segment of OnStyle (YouTube channel). Pony (real name Hye-Min Park) is one of South Korea’s most prominent beauty gurus and celebrity make-up artists. All of her videos are subtitled in English hence why she has followers around the globe. In the past couple years, she created her own YouTube channel “PONY Makeup” where she has makeup tutorials, GRWMs, brand-specific videos and travel diaries. Working in the beauty industry for many years as a self-taught MUA, Pony’s knowledge of both makeup and skincare really shines through in her videos. I learned a lot about skincare and korean skincare routines as well as Korean makeup trends from her expertly executed and edited clips. Her makeup transformation videos are also very inspiring and I have linked two for you to view at your leisure:


With her extensive background in both Korean and western makeup, I had high expectations with the quality of her products. Her first releases were in collaboration with memebox, an online company which delivers top trending beauty products from Korea (unfortunately they no longer deliver to Canada). At the time of this review, there are two PONY Shine Easy Glam palettes released. I will be reviewing the first.

memebox PonyEffect Pony Shine Easy Glam

Pony has since released her own beauty line which includes a plethora of products such as foundations (in both bottle and cushion format), lip collections, eyes and cheek palettes as well as sheet masks. From the products I’ve tried, I adore her eyebrow pencils and eyeshadow sticks.

20160615-IMG_0020-8 copy

On to the review! I had so much fun styling these shots 🙂

The memebox x PONY Shine Easy Glam palette features 8 hand-picked shades (15g, made in Korea) curated as must-have shades to create a classic Korean-style eye look.

memebox Pony Effect Pony Shine Easy Glam takaraboxx

Key Features:

Skin-fit System – The eyeshadows contain silicone powder oil which makes every shade easy to blend. It hugs the eyelids better in order to give a smooth, vivid finish.

High-Gloss Effect – Having pearl powder as one of its main ingredients, each eyeshadow has a pearl shine finish that looks gorgeous under any type of light.

Double Coating Powder – Its advanced double coating technology keeps the color and shimmers intact with minimal fallouts.

Jewelry Complex – The shimmer shades (Shine Rosegold, Shine Gold, Glam Cocoa, Glam Espresso) are improved with premium jewel extracts such as Ruby, Pearl and Amethyst which add to each shade’s ravishing finish.

Rosehip Oil – Each shade in the palette is enriched and fortified with natural rosehip oil which makes the eyeshadows go on buttery smooth.

The palette is free from parabens, sulfates, formaldehyde, mineral oil, alcohol, tea, peg, phthalates, coal tar, formaldehyde-releasers, triclosan, propylene glycol, mit, sodium lauryl sulfate, and dye.

memebox Pony Effect Pony Shine Easy Glam Ingredients

I separated the shades according to finish (matte vs. shimmer) and swatched them in a Z shape for each group:

memebox Pony Effect Pony Shine Easy Glam Shades

Easy Base – pale beige

Easy Shadow – warm yellow-brown

Easy Brown – warm toasted almond

Easy Charcoal – cool ashy dark brown

Shine Rosegold – pearl champagne

Shine Gold – sunset copper

Glam Cocoa – dark bronze

Glam Espresso – reddish dark brown

memebox Pony Effect Pony Shine Easy Glam Swatches Shade
Swatches in shade
memebox Pony Effect Pony Shine Easy Glam Swatch Sunlight
Swatch under natural sunlight

The shades are housed in a durable black plastic with shine finish. A full-length mirror occupies the underside of the lid. I love the portability of this sleek palette which makes it perfect to bring along on a trip or slip into  your purse. I’m also thrilled that the palette doesn’t come with a built-in brush compartment which usually just ends up collecting excess powder because I remove the brush and use my own most of the time.

memebox Pony Effect Pony Shine Easy Glam Palette Mirror

memebox Pony Effect Pony Shine Easy Glam Palette

All shades feel buttery smooth in the pan and blend effortlessly although there is minor powder kick-up with Easy Base and Easy Shadow. The shimmer shades apply truer to colour and more evenly with your fingers. The pigmentation is top-notch for korean brands (which generally have a softer finish for natural beauty) and the four mattes rival KVD and UD mattes. They last 5 hours on my normal lids without a primer and extend to 6.5 with a primer (I tested with Urban Decay).

If you have a warm undertone, Easy Shadow can definitely be used to naturally contour the finer features of your face such as the inner eyes for depth and around the nose.

memebox Pony Effect Pony Shine Easy Glam Swatches Flash
Swatches with flash

The shimmer isn’t too noticeable with normal shade and light but really shines with direct sunlight / flash.

My favourite shades in this palette are Easy Shadow & Easy Brown for the lid and contour, and Shine Rosegold for the inner corner.

With all the variety of shades in the market, this palette may not seem like anything special but I really enjoyed all the shades. These work especially well for asian skin and meld together with our yellow undertones. If you’re in the market for a good value eyeshadow palette that can easily transform a natural daytime look into a sophisticated date night glam, definitely consider looking into this one!

memebox PonyEffect Pony Shine Easy Glam


3 thoughts on “memebox PONY Shine Easy Glam Review & Swatches

  1. I love Pony! Her talent is out of this world. The shades in this palette are so wearable. Lovely to know the quality is there too. I shall have a hunt for it. Beautiful captures!xo

  2. The photos in this blog is mind glowingly amazing!!! Love them so much! I recently bought the PONY X MEMEBOX Shine Easy Glam 3 eyeshadow palette but unfortunately it didn’t seem to work for me .. her eyeshadows do look very very pretty but I feel like that don’t translate too much on the eyelid. Love you post and would love to get your feedback on some of my posts, visit some time!


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