TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner Swatches & Review (03, 04, 05)

TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner

Earlier this year, TONYMOLY launched a very uniquely packaged product that caught my immediate attention. Shaped like the well-adored quill pen and ink sets from the medieval era, the TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner (2g / made in Korea) is hands-down the prettiest eyeliner in my collection.

TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner

“Formulated to go on intense like ink and glide on light as a feather, this liquid gel-type cushion liner never skips, clumps, or drags, helping you achieve the perfect winged look. The cushion pot helps control the amount of product that is picked up and the built-in brush is designed to work perfectly with the formula so you always get an intense payoff with precision and ease.”

TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner

I definitely appreciate the quill brush included with the cushion liner and it works very well for a precise winged line. The brush “handle” fits perfectly in your hand and the bristles are flat and rounded to a tip so you can use both the larger surface and the side for varying line widths. I love how it fits perfectly in the pot so you never have to rest the brush on the table. The swatches below were made with one swipe and both surfaces to showcase the different widths achieved with the built-in brush.

TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner

TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner
Swatched in natural direct sunlight.
TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner Swatches
Swatched in shade.

As advertised, the formula is great. It dries very quickly and doesn’t budge at all. Even with water and some scrubbing, it only slightly fades by flaking off (rather than smudging) which will be really nice for the rain-filled days ahead. It washes off easily with makeup remover and is gentle on the eyes. One of the key ingredients is Althaea Officialis Root Extract which conditions the skin.

TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner Plum Wine

My first cushion experience was with the Stila Got Inked Cushion Eye Liner and I didn’t like it at all hence my initial reluctance to try a similar cushion eyeliner from TONYMOLY. Obviously the packaging won me over as I ordered three… (yep). I’m so glad I gave in. The cushion pot is great for controlling the amount of product on your brush – you simply apply a bit more pressure whenever you want to saturate the bristles. The downfall with cushion liners is that they dry out quicker than gel pots so you really have to make sure you close the lid tightly. Cushion liners also don’t last as long because you use up more product each time.

TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner

TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner

There are currently 5 shades available for purchase:

  • #01 Black
  • #02 Brown
  • #03 Pearl Brown (lighter than brown with more copper tones)
  • #04 Plum Wine
  • #05 Olive Black

I chose the three shades that are more unique since I have a lot of pure black and brown liners.

TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel Liner Pearl Brown Plum Wine

TONYMOLY Inked Cushion Gel LinerTONYMOLYINKEDGelLinerPlumWine

Bottom line, if you’re looking for an affordable smudge-proof brush-included liquid cushion liner that doubles as a pretty desk or vanity piece… look no further. Here it is.

Available now at tonymoly (US), testerkorea (international), amazon, Jolse, and more.