At 22, Kelly is a beauty enthusiast, hoarder, and treasure hunter.

She created this space mainly to share her love for all things beautiful and review products that she has come across. It’s often difficult to find foreign brands that will ship to Canada (if not at an insanely high shipping fee) so she endeavours to share some trustworthy sites in this regard.

“Ta-ka-ra” is the Japanese way of pronouncing たから(宝)which means “treasure”. Kelly believes that treasure is all around us and we just have to take the time to find, appreciate and cherish these precious gifts.

“Life is not only about finding treasures but rather to treasure thyself.”

All you girls/guys are beautiful and if through makeup, skincare and beauty it can help you see what a hidden gem you are and give you the confidence to throw yourself out there then by all means, go for it! Be yourself for you are the most precious treasure of them all.

Kelly accepts requests for product reviews as well as contact for business-related inquiries.

***DISCLAIMER: All opinions are my own. There will only be genuine posts on this site and I can never and will never be bought to give false reviews. The gross majority of the products seen on this site are purchased by yours truly. Occasionally I am blessed with the opportunity to review products received by others and in those instances, they will be disclosed to you (the reader) and marked with an asterisk (*).