JOUER Powder Highlighters Swatches & Review

Jouer Powder Highlighters

Jouer Powder Highlighters

Earlier in September, Jouer launched powder highlighters to compliment their best-selling line of creme highlighters. The Jouer Powder Highlighters contain ultra-fine pearls and luminescent pigments, perfect to be worn alone or layered on top of the cream highlighters for a radiant finish and “lit-from-within” glow.  I’ve always been more of a powder highlighter girl as opposed to cream highlighters so I was thrilled for this launch. These highlighters claim to be long-wearing, paraben- free, gluten-free and dermatologist tested.

Jouer Highlighters

Jouer Cream & Powder Highlighters Tiare Champagne Camellia Rose Quartz Citrine Topaz

Powder: 24USD each (0.16oz / 4.8g)

Cream: 22USD each (0.07oz / 2g)

Available at Jouer & Nordstrom

Jouer Powder Highlighters

Jouer Cream Highlighters Tiare Champagne Camellia

These highlighters come in three different shades: citrine, topaz, and rose quartz. Unlike the original brown plastic packaging with interlocking system, the new highlighters feature a sleek golden overlay when snap closure.

Jouer Cream Highlighters

Jouer Cream & Powder Highlighters Tiare Champagne Camellia Rose Quartz Citrine Topaz

CITRINE – shimmering gold

Jouer Powder Highlighter Citrine


TOPAZ – shimmering rose gold

Jouer Powder Highlighter Topaz

ROSE QUARTZ – shimmering champagne pink

Jouer Powder Highlighter Rose Quartz

Swatches below, applied heavily using my finger then blended out. When blended all the way, it almost disappears into the skin for a very natural and healthy sheen.

Jouer Cream & Powder Highlighter Swatches
Jouer Cream & Powder Highlighter Swatches (natural daylight)

Similar to the original three cream highlighters in Camellia, Tiare, and Champagne, the powder highlighters provide an illuminating sheen rather than full-on sparkle which suits me much more. Although the shades are similar, varied from a cool pastel to warm golden and peach tones, each product is unique.

Jouer Cream & Powder Highlighter Swatches
Jouer Cream & Powder Highlighter Swatches (flash)
Jouer Cream & Powder Highlighter Swatches
Jouer Cream & Powder Highlighter Swatches (indirect sunlight)

Camellia – shimmering pearl white

Tiare – shimmering gold (more of a true yellow gold compared to Citrine which has more peach undertones)

Champagne – shimmering pink (quite similar to Topaz but pulls a tad more salmon) I really enjoy this shade as a blush/highlight together.

My favourite out of the collection is Citrine. It matches my skin tone very well and blends seamlessly for a very subtle glow. I don’t wear highlighter every day; however, when I do, I definitely pick this one.

Jouer Powder Highlighters

As marketed, Jouer does recommend layering cream and powder highlighters together so I made some swatches below with this method:

Jouer Cream & Powder Highlighter Layered Swatches
Jouer Cream & Powder Highlighter Layered Swatches in natural daylight

When layered, the glow is definitely more pronounced. I typically use my fingers to pat cream highlighter whereas I use fluffy synthetic brushes for powder.

As with most highlighters, these don’t dry out my skin or accentuate dry spots and imperfections. I absolutely adore the smooth texture from the powder highlighters – they feel like butter in the pan.

Jouer Powder Highlighters

In all a very solid lineup of highlighters by Jouer Cosmetics with multiple shades for a variety of skin colours and undertones. For personal preference, I still like powders more than creams; however, I really enjoy Champagne from the cream collection.

Stay warm,

Kelly || takaraboxx


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Dom says:

    I just love your ability to photograph so beautifully and creatively Kelly. I too prefer a powder for everyday though the cream highlighters are wonderful to use too, depending on the look I want to achieve. Great review! xo


  2. silverkis says:

    Omg Kelly, this is so beautifully photographed and written!!! I am just drooling over all the beautiful palettes there, as well as the excellent swatches!!


  3. Drooling over these beautiful images and I am now trying to decide what one to buy?! They are all stunning. Fabulous review. Kelly xx


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